There’s a nap for that

Had great plans for tonight. They involved a huge bowl of wok, some chocolate, and a new book. The kitchen window stood open, letting in happy voices from kids playing in the yard. I had cleaned my apartment, taken a long walk in the sunshine, bought a gift I hadn’t had time to get earlier, and spoken to my mum. I had even taken a detour through the Oral-B plaque tunnel, and gotten happily surprised over having a clean mouth, at least compared to the rest of the lot there. So, it was with a feeling of having had a really productive day off, that I sat down in my sofa with the above mentioned things on my side table.

Two hours later I wake up. I hadn’t been as hungry as I thought, half the wok was left. I had managed to read enough to have some really weird dreams, and combined with own thoughts, memories recently resurfaced and a song I had been listening to earlier, I was thrilled to wake up with exciting plans how to move on these coming weeks.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember a single one of those thoughts anymore. Merde.

Back in the days when I was studying and working full time, I used to come home, take a nap, and then, with newfound creativity, dig into whatever case we had been assigned in class. Same story when writing my master’s thesis really, even though my energy had to be spent more on keeping the text boring and academic… But bottom line, a prolonged nap in the afternoon can make you reach corners of your imagination you had no idea even existed. Something I kinda had forgot, but what I now realise might be the key to getting things rolling. If I’m going to pursue these dreams of mine, whilst still working full time (need the income, remember..), I need to make myself a tight schedule and stick to it. Creative naps will have to become part of that timetable.

And mental note to self: remember to have a pen and paper ready for when you wake up.




  1. Often the time when problems are resolved or when words come into your mind in the right order. Like those precious half-asleep minutes in the mornings before you get up.

    1. Exactly. As said. Need to have a pen and paper ready…

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