the value of Doing Nothing

as i see it, i have three options for the rest of the day.

  1. make this into the worst complaining blog post i’ve ever written (which will in fact make the feeling of meh even worse)
  2. put my best bullshit-face on, and pretend like i have something highly inspirational to say (which will make me angry with myself for being phoney)
  3. give up, give in, call it a day, and go home, knowing tomorrow can only be better (two unseen episodes of downton and a bowl of ice-cream waiting for me…)

oh, the difficult choices we have to make in our lives.

good for your soul

(and no, nothing’s happened, i’m not ill or coming down with anything. i’m just tired. and having a bad day. nothing more, nothing less. we all have them from time to time.)


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