stop shilly-shallying

this morning i had a great idea for a blog post. however, had to get to work, and attend a meeting, so didn’t even have time to scribble down what my idea was all about.

now hoping just writing something will somehow make that idea pop back. it can go either way, really.. only having a white paper (or screen) in front of you, filling it with words in the hope of sudden inspiration or wisdom appearing out of thin air. can end in total disaster, or blooming success. your guess is as good as mine.

i’ve read somewhere that this is how professional writers actually work. i think quite a few of us have this romanticised view on writing professionally, that you have to be inspired to do it, you have to have a muse, an idea, a dream. the truth is, however, the opposite. sure, many writers start out with that, but in order to get the text finished, it’s not enough to only write when you are inspired. you have to make yourself sit down and press those keys. at some point all your preparations have to be enough, and you have to take action. and when you feel you can’t possibly pull off anything more, you take one more step.

pointing out the obvious, that does not only go for writing. it goes for any job that needs to be done. it’s your choice every hour what you make of it – will you spend the very next 60 minutes scrolling facebook, twitter or buzzfeed, or will you take care of business, whatever that might be?

about 300 words later, i still cannot recall what my perfect post was supposed to be about, but in five minutes i did manage to bring about a few substantial sentences. hopefully this short reading break will give you the inspiration to carry out something you still this morning thought you would have neither time nor means to do. stop dragging your feet and just start. it might end okay, you never know.

every day


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