only dull people are brilliant at breakfast *

i’m not a great big fan of eating breakfast, even though the situation isn’t as bad as it was when i was younger. these days i can actually enjoy breakfast at a hotel for example. and in an attempt to lead a new life, i’ve tried eating a yoghurt every morning the last few weeks.

question is though, if i got to work three hours ago (at 8 AM), and eat the yoghurt right about now (11 AM), can it still be considered breakfast, or is it already lunch?

as you see, i’m pondering the big questions in life today.


* today’s heading is a quote by oscar wilde



  1. That’s elevenses, I think. Breakfast is a time to mumble at the dogs, daydream and scan the newspaper, not talking to people….???

    1. so you mean i still cannot tick the “i eat breakfast regularly”-box? talk about disheartening news.

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