Walking down memory lane


selfies before digital camera were so much more fun…

It’s been said that good friends are like stars; you don’t always see them, but that doesn’t mean they’re not there. People you once shared your life with, more or less, but hardly ever see these days. But when you do see them, it’s like no time at all has passed.

Earlier this autumn, I was talking about how you have several lifetimes during one life. How it takes seven years of training to master something, and how you after that can decide to meet new challenges. To take on a new life. To change.

For some weird reason, this November is turning out to be something of a return to the past for me. Perhaps to see how far, and understand why, I’ve come since. Perhaps to see if there’s something I’ve left behind that I should bring back. Or perhaps to see why that particular road never was meant to be forever, and how I can learn from that and apply it to my life right now. Whatever the reasons for these different walks down memory lane, it is nevertheless an interesting month I have going on.


selfies these days are just painful

Yesterday I returned for an evening to the life I used to have 10-15 years ago. I felt a bit nervous to be honest when heading out the door, like I didn’t know what to expect. But on the other hand, I knew exactly what to expect. Does that make sense?

With a couple of hundred guests, the organisers had managed to do a wonderful job with the seating. They had clearly put a lot of effort into it, placing people you were most likely to share most memories with together. Since this was a jubilee event, reminiscing days gone by was on top of the agenda, and who better to be seated with than the one person that used to get you into so much trouble back then. Anywhere else in that ball room I had not felt at home at all. It was an evening filled to the brim with old memories, laughter and teasing. Some things never change.

When dinner was over, I told my old partner-in-crime that at least he was able to enjoy it alone tonight. “Oh, I have a bodyguard with me. He’s here somewhere. Haven’t seen him since we got here though. Hmm. Maybe I should let him in…” and off he went whilst I sat down to have a chat with some other people I hadn’t seen in ages. Nothing’s the same any more.


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