Mighty Mouse

A super mouse is running around at Gerby, dressed in a mouse trap. Now wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes…

Let’s rewind a bit. Got a phone call earlier from Bob the Builder. He begun by casually asking if I’m in the country, seeing as how I was in Germany when he called on Friday. When I said I’d returned yesterday, he sighed with relief “so, you’ve been at Gerby yesterday!” Eh, no..? I did mention that my niece had been there, picking up a piece of tapestry from the stash in the kitchen, in case they were wondering about different tyre marks or similar, but to this he just started laughing a bit nervously.

Apparently he had been working on Saturday, and as there had been a mouse in the trap I have in the sitting room, he had emptied it, and put it back in place. This morning it was nowhere to be found. He and his companion have looked all over. Combined with the tyre marks, they had gathered that the only reasonable explanation was that I’d been there and moved the trap myself. He kind of didn’t really seem to like the answer I gave him.

Knowing my house, I can’t say I blame him…


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