Only 2% of the world has red hair, so basically I’m a unicorn

People have been asking me what kind of epiphanies I’m talking about in my last post, and what can I say, other than I of course had it coming, stating such things.

Blogging is sometimes like Bambi on ice. You think you’re Thumper, [words] gracefully flowing, but you don’t realise your legs are too long before you’re flat out there, wondering how to explain yourself out of this situation. The positive side with writing, however, is that the writer can be as vague as (s)he wishes. And so I shall remain. Vague. Sorry.


For all that, one epiphany I do want to share is that I’m not as crap at doing fancy chignons as I have always thought.

I attended a white tie dinner and ball last Friday (actually the fourth in six weeks, but that is another story, hrmh..), and received a fair share of compliments on my hairdo. People wished to know the name of my hairdresser, and when telling them I for once did it all by myself, they wanted to know how I managed that.

Truth be told, I have no idea. I really don’t.

I did some serious googling last week, and found The Small Things Blog, whose writer Kate uploads the most amazingly easy tutorials how to do stunning hairdos. I tested a few of them some nights before, and decided to go with the one she calls The French Twist. I even bought myself a nice golden leaf to put in the hair, covering any messy parts I was sure to have.

Picture perfect

I kind of forgot, though, that my hair isn’t really like many others’. Without me knowing how it happened, I got my own ginger twist to the twist…

There I was, standing in front of the mirror, trying to do what Kate said in her tutorial. I checked in a small mirror every once in a while to see I didn’t have any loose ends anywhere, and when I was finished, I asked my niece to put in the leaf. She looked at me like I was a bit insane, and asked if she could take a picture instead, “I think you need to see what it really looks like before deciding if you really need the bling”.

Needless to say, the golden leaf is still in the package it came in.


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