It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

sophia ståhlberg

© Sophia Ståhlberg 2013

As Christmas is closing in, and I’m playing some sort of mrs Santa at work on top of everything else that needs to be done before year’s end, I haven’t had time to update my blog (or any other blog for that matter either) – terrible sorry about that.

We’re looking at an everything-but-white Christmas in Southern Finland this year, something that unfortunately seems to put off the holiday spirit in many. Not me though, a white Christmas is of course beautiful, but it’s not a bare necessity. For me, the feeling of the season is the most important thing. Traditions. The smell of gingerbread, glögg (mulled wine), and pine trees. Bing Crosby, Dean Martin and other Rat Pack members, as well as Josh Groban, Michael Bublé and Céline Dion in the background almost 24/7. Season’s Greetings dropping in from near and far.

One of the nicest cards I’ve gotten this year came from my sister’s family, and to end my short post, I’d like to show it to you. It’s a drawing made by my oldest niece, the one I’ve been talking about a lot lately. The one that wouldn’t let me play with her dolls after my haircut (no, I’m never going to forget that, rest assured I will include it in any speech I might give on her wedding day…), the one that’s now all of a sudden grown into a beautiful young artist. Finally realising her own potential, she is doing commissioned drawings, animals being her speciality. She of course does really neat drawings of people too, and the occasional flower, but it’s really the dogs and horses that I enjoy looking at the most. If you’d like to get anything commissioned by her, please contact me and I’ll forward her details.

So, with these two funny furry frames, I’d like to wish you a nice time preparing for the holidays, wherever in the world you might be.

sophia ståhlberg

© Sophia Ståhlberg 2013

Christmas cards made for Hyopokoira ry, the Finnish organisation for Diabetic Alert Dogs – trained service dogs that signals to alert its partner to low or high blood sugar levels. The cost of training a dog to become a DAD is quite high, 12 000 euro, so if you wish to make a donation to this important organisation, you can do so via this link.

As another niece of mine is suffering from Diabetes type 1, and is currently training a dog to become her little helper, a contribution to the organisation will be my Christmas gift to my colleagues this year.



  1. LIKE!!!

  2. That painting is lovely! She really is quite talented. Merry Christmas to you Chia & I hope the New Year is even better for you 🙂

    1. Thank you, Claire!

      Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014 to you too 🙂

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