tired. just a bit tired.

Have been quite tired lately again, and even though I have a lot to do, I now know the difference between tired because I’m not sleeping enough, and tired due to the thyroid not functioning like it should. The doctor just phoned me to confirm my suspicions. From initially responding well to the treatment, the thyroxine levels are almost back to what they were last spring when I was first diagnosed with hypothyroidism.

Nothing really to worry about, noticing dropped energy levels was easy enough, it didn’t have to go as far as to depressive mode this time. But I will have to increase my medication. Only problem is how I’m going to remember that I’m supposed to take two pills every second morning, and only one every second.. Any tips and ideas on funny ways to remember?




  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    Äsch att blivit sämre igen. Tips: Återanvänd en chokokalender, så att du med fyra veckorsmellanrum fyller i alla luckor så att blir rätt.

    1. Haha, det är egentligen en ganska bra idé… förutom att jag ju är på resande fot rätt så ofta och det verkar lite opraktiskt att ta med en chokokalender.. 😀 För att inte tala om hur besviken jag blir varje morgon av att se ett piller (eller två) och inte en chokobit när jag öppnar luckan.. hahahah.. hrmh. men ja. En bra idé, tack!

  2. Hello my dear. Sorry to hear that levels are off. Horrid on a good day, but worse when it is this dark. Have you tried ginger? (yes I know it is ironic asking you this…) When I was treated for Hyperthyroidism it took a while to get the hormones leveled, and I would medicate myself with sugared ginger or ginger infusion to get up or mint tea to get down. I found it somewhere in a chinese medicine article and it worked for me. Hope levels get back to normal soon! Much love and a happy Christmas from Norfolk. Fxx

    1. I’m not clearly ginger enough… Heh. Jokes aside, thanks for the tip, was the other day thinking I should add more ginger to my diet in general, especially this time of year when you need all extra vitamins etc you can get. As I wrote yesterday, it’s only my energy levels that’s gone down, no other symptoms fortunately, so it’s not that horrid. The lack of snow might of course be one factor, depression seems to be correlated to the amount of white stuff coming at me 😉
      Speaking of white, are you joining White Knights?
      Happy Christmas and all that, give my love to M. Cx

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