The night before Christmas

My last post managed to get quite the response, everything from good tips on how to remember my medication to worried phone calls from my mother to funny remarks on Facebook and Twitter, one commenting he knows where the rest of the bear is hiding…

Thank you all for your concern, as said, it’s really no biggie. Fact is, I had already myself started taking two pills twice a week a month ago, when I realised I was too tired to cope with the fun, but stressful, weeks that lay ahead. I then went back to only one pill a day the week leading up to my blood test, mostly to get an educated opinion on what the prescribed dose does to me. The original dose I had was so low it’s usually given only to children, the doctor had said this would most likely occur when the first six months are behind me.

‘Nuff ’bout that. Wanted to write a profound Christmas related post, but ironically enough, I’m too tired… Have spent these last few days on working like a maniac, baking Christmas bread, babysitting, visiting people (still going on the tour I told you about many years ago), and being visited. Not having my car right now (it needs new winter tyres, which I really can’t be bothered to buy, so it’s basically useless for a few months), I was forced to take the bus to my mother’s earlier today. It took forever, and used up all energy I had gained from getting a pull-all-hair-treatment I had gotten from my godson earlier in the morning.

Sadly, I’m gonna be a huge bore, and not tell you an epic Christmas saga nor post any beautiful Christmassy pictures. I’m sure you all have stories, and pictures, of your own that are more than enough. So, close down that computer, mobile or iPad you’re looking at right now, and spend some quality time with someone you care about instead. Or with a good book. That is always a good alternative.

Happy Christmas!



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