How did it get so late so soon?

I had great plans for going early to bed tonight. Trying to behave like a grown-up instead of an eleven year old that needs to go back to school soon. All that “I need to go to work on Tuesday, and so if I sleep all Monday, I won’t sleep the night before Tuesday”

That was until I suddenly got an itch to write.

So here I am, at 3 am, but with two great blog posts scribbled down. One (about sapphires, rubies and emeralds, if you are interested) I already published for Velsunt, the other one I’m publishing later in the week for Friday Flats Travel Blog. It features ghosts and dogs in metro stations, I’m quite excited about it, if I may say so myself, so keep your eyes open for when I publish it.

I have furthermore, as you might have noticed, finally changed the address to this blog. It was about time that I was found directly on, don’t you agree.

Downside of this ordeal now is that I have a back ache from sitting way too long in front of the computer (with a short break when I sat in front of the telly instead). But during these last five hours sitting, I received an e-mail from my physiotherapist (aka the torturer) confirming I have an appointment with him on Friday.

On that same day I’m also going for lunch with someone I met during that coaching course I attended when last time in London, looking forward to seeing what she’s been up to since we last discussed our dreams, limiting beliefs and whatnots.

Of course, I’m also planning a trip to the countryside, and then I’m going to get myself some more products from Neal’s Yard Remedies (where I got my organic deo and shampoo last time, will return to that in a post tomorrow). I’m furthermore attending a birthday bash, and should try and fit in at least one other meeting with old friends.

All this on top of the White Knights Ball on Saturday.

You see now why I’ve chosen to work and sleep this weekend?

And yes, I am a bit squirrel on speed here right now, what gave it away? …. Gonna nibble on a piece of pineapple, and then try to get some sleep. Don’t try calling me in the morning, I’m putting my phone on silent. I’ll deal with sleepless in Helsinki next night instead.544589_10152085613501358_2069818804_n



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