50 Shades of Grey

Helsinki has hit a new record in greyness. The layer of clouds is so thick it’s unbelievable hard to imagine there’s a sun anywhere up there. But at least we still lack snow, so I’m not complaining. I mean… it could be like it’s been these last years (for instance like this which ended like this a month later). What’s more, it’s been above 0 degrees Celsius for several weeks. The other day when I went on a walk I could hear birds chirping. Poor bastards, they think it’s spring already…

To cheer up this grey day, I’ve just posted an envelop to the Trade Register, containing a completed registration form to become a Private trader. I furthermore managed to open a new bank account, so if all goes well with the registration and I’ll receive my Business ID, I’ll soon be able to actually start billing for some of the work I do. Yay for me.

I guess this will put me back on track on being that English high educated VIP boss the Maltese taxi driver was going on about a few years ago. Now there’s, by the way, a character that could be used in a book. I wonder what became of him. He’s probably still driving around in his yellow-beige Mercedes, chatting up VIP’s he finds randomly…



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