Good morn… yeah, whatever.

As I’ve mentioned before, I have a wake-up light that wakes me up these dark winter mornings. After being mentally abused by my dad’s old alarm clock for the first X years of my precious life, I spent years trying to figure out the best method to get out of bed in the mornings. My mum always said I have a difficult morning temper, but it’s not really difficult.. it’s just.. well.. let’s just say that if I get startled awake, I feel like killing someone. Or something. Whichever the closest. However, if I’m blessed with a nice and easy wake up on my own terms, I am highly efficient in the mornings. There are actually people who think I’m a morning person. I like those people. They make me laugh.

(And mum, I’m still fairly upset that you didn’t let me kill the above-mentioned alarm clock when I graduated. The thought of an axe right through it… I mean.. come on!! Dad had promised me, why did you have to go and hide the damned thing?)

Anyhow. That wake-up light really brightens up my mornings (pun intended), even though it about once a year freaks out and does something weird. Unfortunately, I don’t think I can blame this morning on weirdness, only old age. The blooming lamp had broken. I woke up in total darkness with birds chirping somewhere in the background. Took me a while to understand anything at all. I’m still not awake, after an hour at work, wondering where you get new lamps for these machines. Anyone? Clas Ohlson?

(You know, if yesterday was grey and gloomy, today is plain dark. It’s 9.45 and I can easily say it never even gets this dark during summer nights here. What were the people that settled down in this country thinking?!)

(looking for a picture for this post turned out to be.. entertaining.. check out these utterly hilarious alarm clocks I found!)



  1. Anonymous · · Reply

    The people that settled down here clearly did so in the summer… or then they were masochists…

    1. haha, yup… like this pic…

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