Why being lazy is bad for your body

“Who is strong? He that can conquer his bad habits.”
– Benjamin Franklin

I’m making a late resolution for 2014. I’m going to spend 15 min each day on the damned training programme the torturer gave me last October. This huge revelation came to me earlier today during this short conversation I had with the man in question:

Me: You do know that’s hurting?
Torturer: Yes.
Me: Just checking..
Torturer: This muscle is probably a bit tender too.
Me: …ggghhh… You think?
Torturer: Let’s stick some needles in it, they will be nicer to you than I am.
Me: ….

I stumbled out of the treatment room with an odd feeling of not knowing if I’m alive or not. But the sun was shining and a certain stiffness I had in my back before, was gone for the time being at least. I am, however, starting to see my own part in all of this. If I ever want my back to get well for real, I need to do some serious lifestyle changes. (I’m having a lot of epiphanies these days, aren’t I…)

Dashing off to Paddington in a mo’, spending the evening out in the countryside. Looking forward to soaking those poor muscles of mine in a hot bath tonight, and have a good night’s rest after that so that I will be fit to hit the dance floor at the ball tomorrow.

Have a great weekend, all of you, wherever in the world you are.




  1. A family member has suffered with a bad back for as long as I can remember, including long episodes where bending or twisting were next to impossible. Anyway, their exercise regime now includes pilates which apparently has been really good for sorting out the core muscles that hold everything together. Might be worth considering if you have recurring problems… have a nice time in London town!

    1. Maybe I should give it a try, yes. I believe the man who invented it did so because he himself suffered from a bad back…
      I used to do yoga, hot yoga to be exact, but I had to stop at one point when a physiotherapist told me I was overdoing it.. apparently when I begun, my muscles were a bit bent from supporting the herniated disc, and by exercising, I had managed to get lop-sided or similar…
      Seeing as I’m now declared straight and well, only a bit lazy, I should start again.. hmm. Yes. Will look into pilates. Thank you for putting that idea in my head 🙂

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