Enter hibernation mode

When you can’t even think about going outside without looking like this, then it’s time to hibernate.


Too bad my work doesn’t really support full-time hibernation; I have to make an appearance at least a few times a week. Fortunately, I live only a five minute walk away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t decrease the amount of clothes you have to wear.

But the sun is shining from more or less clear blue skies, which is a tremendous improvement from the greyness we experienced so many weeks I lost count. At least you can look out the window and see a ray of hope where there was a cinereal world before. (This is of course when no snow is falling. Sunshine and snowflakes do not go hand-in-hand.) Having spent all my money on that funny little house of mine, that’s about all I can afford anyway right now; sitting by my window, watching the world go by.

I was, furthermore, quite clever when leaving London the other day. Had a few quids left in my purse, and space in my suitcase, so instead of doing headless spending at Heathrow (even though it was hard not getting seduced by the sales at Cath Kidston), I went grocery shopping. Combined with what I have in my cupboards and freezer, I won’t have to leave my flat more than absolutely necessary these coming weeks.

Bring on voluntary cabin fever…



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