Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

When you have nothing to write about, post a selfie. – Old blogging saying.

Selfie is apparently the new in-word. I mean, even Obama does it. At funerals. I’m sticking to my own mirror at least.


Hello from Ms Hibernating. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. Have been extremely silent lately, my apologies. But you don’t really find too much to say when your life consists of work-eat-sleep, especially not when doing all this in a gigantic freezer. Fingers get cold from writing.

The reason for me taking selfies this morning was, truth be told, that I’m seriously smitten with my new knitted dress, and I wanted to share it with you. “I don’t know anyone else that could pull off a dress with unicorns on it”, my friend stated when I was trying it on. Well, didn’t I quite recently claim that redheads basically are unicorns? Of course I was to find a dress featuring these lovely creatures. The store, Yumi,  I bought it in was simply adorable. Just off Portobello Road, I stopped mid-step when the unicorns in the display window caught my eye. Meeting up with my friend two minutes later, it turned out she had been eyeing out the same store, so in we went. And there we stayed for a long time. Not only did they have delightfully cute clothes, the store also had a small range of captivating knick-knacks for your home. If I had not been on a strict budget (had given myself permission to buy one knitted dress whilst in London), I might just have emptied my credit card right then and there.

Wearing it later that same evening, I got cursed by another friend. I had barely shown her the label before finding her in her office, scrolling through the web shop. She Whatsapped me a week later, cursing me even more… Unfortunately (hmm..) the online store can only be accessed from the UK, Ireland, New Zealand, Italy, France, Germany, the US and Canada, so I can’t start… investing. But rest assured, this petite boutique will be on my to-do-list every time I visit London from now on.

Quickly returning to that selfie.. Please note the pilates ball in the background. On top of it you’ll see a piece of paper, and a rubber band. Those are part of my exercise regime. Felt pretty good about myself when I got up this morning a little after six and spent the next 15 minutes squatting, balancing, and doing the funny walk with the rubber band around my feet. Afterwards I enjoyed a nice strawberry-banana-orange smoothie.

Now if I only could sway myself to do this every morning…



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