To Wear Trousers or Not to Wear Trousers

Once you start this whole taking-selfies-business, you seem to get hooked… But hey, I have neither cute kids nor grumpy cats to practice my photographer skills on, so cut me some slack here. And I did make it blurry so you’d only get the picture [pun intended] of what I’m talking about.


The reasons for this picture are two, the first being me showing off another dress from Yumi (as said, I had budgeted for one dress when in London, then if I find a store where a large chunk of the clothes on display are half-priced… well. you do the maths) – my friend bought the same one but in red and black. Looked absolutely stunning on her!

The second reason is the real reason for me writing this post and illustrating it with me in yet another dress… met a friend last week for coffee. I started the conversation by stating it’s cold, I’m cold. She ended it by simply saying “Well, it’s -18 degrees. The rest of the world puts on warmer clothes, you bring out your dresses…” Right. Point taken. Went home a few hours later. An email from my sister was waiting. An invitation to my niece’s birthday bash. My sister asked me to please wear “weekday clothes”, as it’s ice cold out in the country. But… but… but… these are my weekday clothes…

This morning when getting dressed I remembered I haven’t answered my sister yet due to getting some sort of syntax error in my head whenever trying to figure what to wear. What’s more, I suddenly remembered something a friend of mine blurted out last time I saw him a few months ago. A bit in a hurry, I jumped into an elevator going down, and it turned out he was in the same elevator. He looked at me and said, “You know Chia, this is the first time I’ve seen you with trousers on.. I mean I’ve never seen you wearing trousers before… I mean.. oh dear.” The couple we were sharing the elevator with looked amused. I was silently wondering if 10 am is too early for a glühwein.

A book I’d love to read. Click the pic to get to the author’s web page.


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  1. Always the “girl in the pretty dresses”….

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