24 Days ’til the End (of Hibernation)

…and the feeling when you get out of bed and realise you’ve slept with your window open the whole night. In Finland. In February. Oh well, there’s a first for everything I guess. And yes. I do remember. Some of you [weirdos] sleep with them open all year round. Right here in Finland. But I don’t.

Slept well though. Maybe I’ll make a habit of it… Especially since my wake-up light seems to be gone forever. Bought before all these new energy-saving lamps, I can’t seem to find a lamp to replace the broken one. Did manage to locate one that on the package says it should be equivalent to the one the light came with. Didn’t work. It turned the whole thing into a flickering fluttering disco light instead. Lovely. For those of you who have an old wake-up light, cherish it. One day you may no longer have it.

Thankfully, the days are getting longer by the minute; sun rise this morning, according to my iPhone, was at 08:29, and sun set is scheduled for 16:44. That can actually be seen as somewhat okay. Spring is just around the corner. There’s just some small Winter Olympics between me and spring in fact. Speaking of, did you btw know that Sochi is a highly popular holiday resort with a really nice and warm weather? I didn’t. Why they are organising the winter games beats me.

Ending my quite insignificant babble this Tuesday morning with a beautiful picture of Helsinki a few weeks ago. When describing Helsinki to foreign friends, and most especially when making invitations for all sorts of happenings here, I always pick pictures from this photographer. You can also like the site on Facebook. Enjoy!


A wintry morning view of the Suomenlinna fortress

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  1. Spectacular photos on Facebook!!

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