Hello Friday, I’ve Been Waiting for You.

It’s that time of year again…

As I’ve mentioned, I work at a university. This time of year is when all extensive course planning for the coming year is done. And plans for two-three years further down the road are made as well, only not as detailed.

The department I work for is the biggest*, at least when you look at it in terms of bachelors and masters produced last year, which means there are a lot of courses to plan.

Being the spider-in-the web I am not doing any specific planning myself, but it’s up to me to see to it that all nutty professors et al. are… Let’s just say this part of my job can be as frustrating as it is amusing.

If only the students could see how much work is put into their education behind the scenes…

So, please excuse my radio silence this week and next. It’s nothing personal, it’s only business.


Helsinki last week. Picture by courtesy of taivasalla.net.

*The department is also the happiest, I think. I can’t imagine I’d get away with calling my colleagues nutty professors otherwise… Especially not when I know some of them  regularly read my blog posts. Cheers 😉


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