Last Day of Hibernation

Tonight I’m going to cuddle up in all the blankets I can find. I’m going to burn out all half-burned candles from the winter gone by, watch a silly film, and continue reading Shantaram (which I have made some serious progress with this winter – I might be able to finish it. At some point. In the near or far future. Or not. It depends.) I will be such a boring person that even I get bored of myself.

It’ll just be me, myself and I here in what’s left of my hibernation bubble. Don’t try contacting me, I won’t answer. I’m even going to be unavailable on Facebook. Now that’s something, isn’t it…

Tomorrow is the first day of spring, at least according to my diary, and it’s time to go back out there. My public awaits me.

Happy weekend to all of you!



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