A Woman Who Cuts her Hair Is About to Change her Life *

Today was the big day.

I did exactly what I said I would: I sat down and asked for 10-15 cm off, layered (as my hair is so thick and will be both sleek and curly at the same time without layers), and with some sort of fringe.

Jussi said Hrmh.

Then he cut almost 25 cm. No layers. That was the price I had to pay for a blunt fringe.

As blunt as it gets, to be specific. He almost doubled the thickness of my previous fringe. It’ll be interesting to see how it falls when it’s gotten over the shock of being brutally cut.

The no layers-thing will take some getting used to as well. Apparently it’s in to not have any control over where your hair is heading. Apparently if you have thick hair, you’re supposed to let it show.

But I must say. I rather like it. It moves nicely, and as always when I cut my hair, it suddenly starts showing off exactly how many different shades of red it really is.

I feel like a cheeky fashionista.


*title quote by Coco Chanel.



  1. Freddie · · Reply

    Well done! I have been thinking whether I should cut my hair really short, just at least once in my life.
    So what do you think, would a pixie cut suit me?

    Not sure it will work with my glasses…


    1. Oh, I think that would suit you rather well. Both your style and your face. And I don’t see why your glasses wouldn’t fit a pixie.. blunt fringes like mine now are absolutely impossible with glasses (unless they are large end of 60s…) so yes! I say go for it, as I too believe all women should once try both really long and really short.

      That said, I’ve understood that a good stylist will not cut from long to very short in just one cut. It’s too much of a shock both for the person and for the hair itself. Hair falls differently in different lengths and it takes at least a few washes to get it to understand it’s lost weight… Phantom pains and all that 😉

      So why not update your look for spring by taking half of it now and then see how it feels when summer comes along? I do recommend trying to find a stylist that isn’t afraid to say no though. There’s nothing worse than getting a haircut you think you wanted just because the stylist was lazy and didn’t think of suggesting something better suited for your face and hair quality. Especially when going really short, you are after all stuck with the do for a while…

      Good luck, and keep me updated on what you decide 🙂


  2. Det blev jättebra! Man måste ju våga ibland. Och ångrar man sig så får man ta det, håret växer ju ganska fort ändå 🙂

    1. Tack 🙂 ibland måste man vara lite radikal, den här gången har folk iaf noterat att jag klippt mig, haha…

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