I’ve had a severe case of wanderlust these last few days. I’ve been dreaming about people I know abroad and miss, about places I’ve never been to and about places I long to visit again. I’ve woken up sad, laughing, angry, happy… and tired. Most of all, I’ve woken up tired this whole damned week. I’ve been so busy in my dreams that when the alarm sounds I don’t feel I’ve had any sleep at all.

Still 20 days to my next trip, and already eight weeks since I returned from my last, I feel as restless and as misplaced as ever. Sure, these last seven days I’ve been busier than I was the whole of February, but still… Still I long for more. Always more.

Some sort of medicine to this illness of sort is writing the travel blog. I like learning new things about places, but I also like writing about own memories and quirky experiences. For instance the amazing visit to the vineyard a few summers ago. And then sometimes, when waiting for inspiration or confirmations from specific places I want to feature, I just sit down and write something general. Like yesterday when I had half an hour time over and wrote a draught on an airport survival guide. Today when returning to the post I realised it wasn’t a draught, it was an almost finished text. I only had to rearrange some of the sections and find a few pictures. Yay. At the end of that post I put in a link to a funny safety demonstration video. Be sure to check it out!

Anyway. This post goes out to all of you wonderful people I know all over Europe. I miss you, and I can’t wait to see you all soon, be that in Brussels, Paris or Stockholm.




  1. liliandruve · · Reply

    You go for it…!

    1. Counting the days…

  2. As germans are specialists in “Wanderlust”, here a poem written by Wilhelm Mueller, turned into a song (I learnt it in school and suddenly started humming it when I read your text)
    And – oh yes my dear I miss you too!!!!!! See you soon!!!

    1. |: Das Wandern ist des Müllers Lust 😐
    Das Wandern
    Das muß ein schlechter Müller sein
    |: Dem niemals fiel das Wandern ein 😐
    Das Wandern
    Das Wandern . . . . .
    2. |: Vom Wasser haben wir’s gelernt 😐
    Vom Wasser
    Das hat nicht Ruh’ bei Tag und Nacht
    |: ist stets auf Wanderschaft bedacht 😐
    Das Wasser
    Das Wasser . . . . .
    3. |: Das sehn wir auch den Rädern an 😐
    Den Rädern
    Die gar nicht gerne stille steh’n
    |: und sich bei tag nicht müde drehn 😐
    Die Räder
    Die Räder . . . . . .
    4. |: Die Steine selbst so schwer sie sind 😐
    Die Steine
    Sie tanzen mit den muntern Rhein
    |: Und wollen gar noch schneller sein 😐
    Die Steine
    Die Steine . . . .
    5. |: O Wandern, Wandern, meine Lust 😐
    O Wandern
    Herr Meister und Frau Meisterin
    |: Laßt mich in Frieden weiterziehn 😐
    Und wandern
    Und wandern

    1. A wonderful poem, my dear. Am writing you a letter today…

  3. Mikko · · Reply

    On the poetic tack, this is a modern English version of the old Anglo-saxon poem The Seafarer:

    The dark night deepens, northern snow
    hardens the soil and hail hits earth
    like cold corn

    Yet my heart hammers now, yearning anew
    wanting the steep salt-water road
    longing with lust to roam rough seas, alone
    to seek out some far foreign shore

    The mood to wander mills within my mind

    1. Familiar sounding words…

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