“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”*

You get a card. Enclosed is the information-leaflet-thingy from a non-stick cooking pan. The card says “Do read the enclosed and play ‘spot the most ridiculous sentence’…”

First you laugh at the whole set-up. Then you choke on your laughter, what if you cannot spot the sentence your friend is referring to? Will that make you a bad friend? With a horrible sense of humour. Or even worse, no humour at all. If you can’t find anything to ridicule, will that make you… normal?

You start reading. First five sentences. Nothing yet. Shit, nothing? You start eyeing out the whole thing, hoping something will jump out. You see “This product may differ from the photos.” written on its own on the side. But you come to the conclusion that isn’t ridiculous enough. Not nearly. So you start reading from the beginning again.

And you’ve read almost everything when you suddenly stop. Eh, huh? You read the last sentence again and you wonder what the fragola you just read. So you read the sentence before it once more also. And you start laughing. You laugh and you wonder how you could ever think that you would NOT spot THAT.


Obviously no danger of a swan song for this friendship.
[Bird pun intended]

*subject quote by Benjamin Franklin.


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  1. Mikko · · Reply

    Keep fowl in oven……

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