It’s a Ginger Thing

“Goddamned you have thick hair. Go away, I can’t stand looking at you… No, wait. Come back! Can I touch it?”

The Finnish way of giving a compliment. Clearly. About five people out of five around turned around to see what the shouting was all about. I just sighed and tilted my head. Mumbled something about the fact I haven’t washed my hair since Saturday and a new “Whaaat? Goddamned!” sounded. Good thing I’m not deaf now…

A thick red hair is sometimes like a pregnant tummy. Strangers comment on it, and touch it, like it was some sort of public property. At least they nowadays ask for permission first. When I was a child people often came up to me in stores, simply touching my hair and commenting it over my head. One hag once pointed out to my mother it’s horrible when people dye the hair of their children. Lets just say my mother is one person you do not want to see angry – something I think everyone present in that grocery store can agree with.

You want to know something else that is a clear case of “it’s a ginger thing”? People always remember you because of your hair, and you often have absolutely no idea of who they are. Not even when they start tousling your hair, laughing “don’t you remember, I used to do this all the time when you were younger”. Of course you did. You and everyone else I ever met…

I can even throw in a third one: “Is that your natural col..” “YES, for god’s sake, yes.”

If you ever wonder why redheads are perceived as fierce and strong, the answer is simple. We have to be, in order to stay sane when dealing with the rest of you…

Good thing I got this comment today, I’ve been waiting for a reason to show you this interesting picture I found the other day on Everything for Redheads. I never knew there were so many different names for red shades. Of course not all of these are natural, but it’s still cool to belong to such a privileged group of people. According to this scale I’d say my colour is titian with hints of ginger, copper and pre-raphaelite. Awesome!



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  1. Mikko · · Reply

    Haha, your hairy home must be the British Isles: western England, Ireland and western Scotland.
    Red hair (like my greatgrandmamma’s auburn) draws no comment, unlike the embarrassment felt when years ago one of my cousins in Ireland got all excited in the street and started pointing and shouting “look, a black man!!”.
    “Redheads constitute approximately 4% of the European population. Scotland has the highest proportion of redheads; 13% of the population has red hair and approximately 40% carries the recessive redhead gene. Ireland has the second highest percentage; as many as 10% of the Irish population has red, auburn, or strawberry blond hair. It is thought that up to 46% of the Irish population carries the recessive redhead gene. A 1956 study of hair color amongst British army recruits also found high levels of red hair in Wales and the English Border counties.”

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