Shitty Shitty Poop Poop

Okay, Monday. You win. Although I don’t think showing up dressed as Thursday is fair play.

The day started well enough. Since almost everyone from the department were either on conferences abroad or attending a seminar out of town, it was only me and the assistant at work. Inspired by the calm corridor I managed to clean my desk, got several piles of paper either filed away or put in the shredder. Had a lunch meeting with my new colleague from another department.

Returning from that meeting Monday decided to strike. Had gotten an email from one of the conferencing professors. A very long email. When reading it I was somewhere between laughing hysterically and hitting my head in the wall. When I say I was as bad at geography as I was at Finnish grammar (Swedish is still my mother tongue, people.. Had highest grades in that), I’m really not kidding. I never knew there are two Fayettevilles in the states. I do now.

After enjoying a few days in Washington, D.C., my colleagues were heading for Fayetteville, Arkansas. Lets just say it’s a good thing they were boarding, and not getting off, the plane when they realised its destination is Fayetteville, North Carolina.

And lets just say I’ve rarely felt as stupid in my life as when realising I’m entirely to blame, I mean, guess who booked the flights.

Had great plans to leave work early, as it’s been a wonderful spring day today, but I kind of got stuck after this minor incident. When I finally did come home, I gathered I still have time for what I had planned to do: take a long walk and get my broken gold chain fixed. My friend the goldsmith was still going to be at work for about half an hour.

Changed into something a little more suitable, put some music on in my ears and ran out the door.

Stepped in dog poop about two steps later (I’d like to dedicate this poop to someone. You know who you are. Squirl!) Limped on ’til the end of the street where I tried getting rid of the damned shit. An ambulance passed me, twirling up so much dust I started sneezing. Breathing heavily, I remembered how you simply don’t get rid of the smell once it’s in your nose…

Deciding not letting this get to me, I carried on. Sooner or later my shoe must get clean by itself. If I walk long enough.

About 47 seconds later I realised I forgot the necklace at home. But I couldn’t turn back, as our caretaker was washing the stairs, and I didn’t feel like entering smelling like I did. So I decided to go for “only” a walk instead. Took out my phone to send my friend a message I will come by another day. Of course my phone died. Playing music AND sending a text was simply too much. After all, it did only have 34 percent battery left…

Thank god it’s Friday tomorrow. I need a drink. Anyone?



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  1. Mikko · · Reply

    Always, always, clean up your dogs’ poo with them little bags, folks, as I do. Carnivore waste-matter really clings to the soles of your shoes and it’s very hard work removing the stink (cow dung -herbivore poo- is much more user friendly and lower on stench, but then I studied farming so maybe I’m biased).

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