Spring is Nature’s Way of Saying “Let’s Party!”*

Spring equinox. Vårdagjämning in my language. I can’t think of a more beautiful word in Swedish to be honest. I feel as happy as this tulip. Hopefully my happiness will last longer though, the tulip fell apart the day after I took the pic…


Since pretty much forever, the spring equinox has been observed as the dawning of everything. New life. New beginnings. New season. New Year. And I must say I kind of prefer thinking of this day as day one instead of January 1st. Who in their right mind decided the darkest time of year would mark a new beginning? (Probably the same thickhead that decided Finland is da place to live in…)

When looking back at my life, these last five years have all been pretty much the same. January and February have been utterly boring, or even borderline horrendous for different reasons. It’s not until March comes along that I wake up at all, that I return to life, that I remember what happiness is. Although March sometimes likes to test me. Like last week when it was Monday all week. Almost. But it just adds to the feeling of being alive again.

From the distress of last week via happy days this week to fun times ahead next week, I certainly cannot complain right now.

* title quote by Robin Williams



  1. Mikko · · Reply

    Actually in England it used to be March 25th that was the beginning of the year. That’s why dates from old documents have to be written as eg February 1st 1732/33 (1732 in old reckoning and 1733 in modern reckoning).

    1. Have I ever told you I love England?

  2. Mikko · · Reply

    Hahaha…. I just had to give you this information to show you how Anglo-tuned you are!!

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