Updates on Management by Chia

Warning. This will be the most boring post you’ve read on Management by Chia perhaps ever.

Some of you might have noticed a new ”button” here on my blog:  Follow me on bloglovin’. For those of you not yet familiar with bloglovin’, it’s a simple and aesthetically nice blog reader. Like a Facebook feed but with updates only from your favourite bloggers.

I’m not in any way getting anything out of telling you all this, I just recently found Bloglovin myself and realised the easiness of keeping track of the blogs I read. Be sure to check it out if you are currently reading more than one blog, and like me struggling to remember to check them all.

Furthermore, whilst on the subject of recent changes to the blog, you might also have noticed the Live Traffic Feed I put in a few weeks ago. I thought it’d be a fun way of keeping track on where my readers are from; however I have observed some differences between the feed and the “views per country” that I can access via WordPress stats. So I guess the question on who really reads my blog will not be satisfactory answered unless I start paying for it. And I’m not that curious.

Other than that, I’m sorry to say I don’t have time to write anything more right now. Until you hear from me again, you can always check out the latest posts on my other two blogs: Crimea – The Land of Fields and Mountains so Magical  and Charity Jewellery – Giving Back Made Easy.

Cheers (and Happy Monday)!



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