On New Beginnings

Continuing on the updates post from Monday, I’ve been thinking about making a Facebook page for Management by Chia. The idea hasn’t moved out of the parking spot yet, mostly because I don’t really know why I would have a Facebook page… Perhaps for posting all those quotes I adore… But then I get cold feet, thinking only about 32 people would like my page.. I dunno. And I don’t know if it’s any use asking you guys since you obviously prefer staying silent 😉

It’s funny in a sense. Some blogs have people commenting everything all the time, I’m happy to receive the odd comment once in a blue moon. I do however often receive feedback in private messages or when meeting people, something I find delightful. Keep commenting, in which ever way you find appropriate.

Moving on to another topic.

I don’t know why, but I feel this is a spring of New Beginnings. In some ways more so than before. I can’t pinpoint the feeling, and I can’t go into details, but something is definitely in the air. Last year was about endings. Things that needed to come to an end finally did so. Old issues and loose ends were finally resolved. I felt it in my own life, and I saw it happening to others.

Right now I see these new beginnings mainly in other people’s lives, but I can’t feel it in my own yet. I have been connecting people with each other and places in quite a noticeable way these last few months, and am eagerly watching them starting anew.  Question remains, is something new waiting behind the corner for me as well? Or is my role right now to be the excited friend or family member one step behind? Perhaps that’s what the Facebook page would be for. Connecting people. Spreading inspiration.

I dunno.

Curiously waiting.






  1. Mikko · · Reply

    Chiannecting People!!!

  2. Stefan · · Reply

    Sooo… first things first: feedback. This is my favourite personality blog! There you have it.
    I’m not sure it needs a FB page, I can read your updates and comment happily on your personal FB profile. If you have people reading your blog that you do not want to friend on Facebook then a page might make sense. But that’s probably not the case for this blog… or is it?

    Good luck with the new beginnings! Spring is coming.

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