Should I Call Spin Doctors or Ghostbusters?

A while back I told you about my washing machine. The dear old hag that was starting to go senile. Well. Yesterday she died. And/or killed a fuse. I’m not sure which yet.

She had been going on with a normal programme for well over 2,5 hours. When she sounded done, I went there to take out my clothes only to unleash about three litres of water all over my bathroom floor. I told her a few well-chosen words, closed the hatch again and put on a spinning programme.

Went back to the telly where I was trying to perform CPR on my digi-box (which had died under cloudy circumstances only 15 minutes before – I truly enjoyed my Tuesday night) and heard the machine starting to spin. It sounded like a jet motor was taking off. Until it didn’t. Until a soft “thump” was heard and then… nothing. Silence. The kind of silence that creeps you out. The kind that makes you tiptoe just in case…

Warily, I approached the silence and pressed a button or two. Dead. Completely, utterly dead. I sighed before mustering up enough energy to mumble a few more of those well-chosen words, telling the machine I need those clothes for Paris in two days. To my sheer surprise, it opened the hatch with a click. After that we stayed silent. Both of us.

This morning my flattening iron refused to work, which got me suspecting a fuse getting killed. Only thing is that I couldn’t for the life of me see a broken fuse. Have to take care of that later tonight.

And after Easter I will have to start looking for a new washing machine. Even if it was “just a fuse” this time, this insane behaviour has been going on long enough now.

So, now I need your help. I’ve had my sweet UPO for 13 years, I have no idea what to replace it with. Please share if you have recently bought a washing machine, let me know what brand, from where, and what your thoughts are.

Thank you!

Perhaps newer ideas....

Perhaps newer ideas though….



  1. My dear, just had the same problem with our dishwasher – but without i can easily survive…concerning washing machine buy quality: a washingmachine from Bosch or Miele etc will last you for about 20 years….:-) so sweet Ranja is sleeping on my lap while i m writing this 😉

    1. Thanks for the link, will check it out properly when I have the time 🙂 Found a similar Dutch site when I was looking for a vacuum cleaner, it seems Duchies and Germans are more thorough when buying home electronics than Nordics are…

  2. Claire · · Reply

    Just don’t get the cheapest. I love my top-loading whirlpool (I would give you the model no but I’m not home), it has a billion settings most of which are customizable by temp and how much spin, half of which I don’t use but I like choice. Get something with as good an energy rating as possible and try and get something in the mid-range. You’ll only get what you pay for if you go cheap. Ours cost a bomb (about 500e) when we got it 5 yrs ago and has eaten only a couple of tops, a pair of boxers and the odd sock – but that’s more to do with the fact that I either over-filled it or didn’t use a laundry bag for flimsy stuff. I also love toploaders due to the fact that you can’t get a bathtubs worth of water all over the floor if it somehow fails 🙂

    1. Right with you on that, never get the cheapest 🙂 Whirlpool is a brand I have been thinking about actually.
      But on the other issue, I will have to disagree 🙂 I prefer side-loading.. I have a quite small bathroom and need the extra surface, and with this back it’s easier to load from the side as I can, if needed, sit down in front of it instead of bend over to try and locate the last sock.
      (Speaking of disappearing socks etc, Cecelia Ahern has written a book called “A Place Called Here”; Here is simply the place where things – and people – go when they go missing from this world. It’s a rather amusing book for a day at the beach or similar. Nowadays when I misplace something I will always think that I’ll get it back when the people in Here don’t need it anymore 😀 )

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