Confessions of a Bad Blogger

I’m awfully sorry. I’ve been a bad blogger lately. It’s just that I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck on the same page.

I could’ve written about my travels. Did that already, on the other blog. You can read here about my wonderful night in Paris a few weeks back.

I could’ve written about me cleaning Gerby and finding the 80s. I’ll just show you instead…


I could’ve written about my hair. I’ve cut the fringe three times since I went to Jussi’s.

And I could’ve written a whole book on me trying to wash my clothes yesterday.

But I’ve written about all of those things already. Time after time again.

I finally finished Shantaram, and I’ve been dying to write a post about that. You see, as I finally managed to move past that one page I always got stuck on before, I felt I finally managed to move on in my own life as well.

And this I just might write more about one fine day. But not today. Today I will clean out all winter clothes from my wardrobe and feel grateful for every single person who has crossed my path these last few weeks.

I’m sorry I didn’t see some of you earlier. I was too busy re-reading a previous chapter.





  1. Claire · · Reply

    Glad you finished it… did you enjoy it?

    1. I loved it. It really spoke to me in many ways, and I understood why I haven’t been able to read it before (long story, but it has to do with the page where he first meets Karla). It is a powerful story, and he writes in an amusing way.

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