Confessions of a Party Planner

What seems like a lifetime ago, a woman I didn’t even know said to me that she feels my mission in this life is to make others enjoy themselves and feel good. She said life is too short to be taken seriously, and that I will find happiness through creating fun for others.

The weirdest part with this weird discussion was that I had been feeling I had had it with party planning. I had been feeling tired of always being the one people asked when the next party will be. So it was with a bitter laugh I listened to her going on about how she thinks I should think about a career change.

It was not until she asked me why I was laughing that I even told her I had written my master’s thesis on the topic event management for personal events (like weddings etc) and hence gotten a slight overdose of organising parties in general.

Amazing colours, wouldn't you agree!

Amazing colours, wouldn’t you agree!

I got over the party-planner-tiredness after a while. In fact, I’ve had several relapses, but I always bounce back.

I really really liked the table laying!

A table laying to be inspired from.

On Saturday I attended a wedding. It was a beautiful little affair, the couple was shining brighter than the sun itself, and their young daughter was the cutest thing ever. Every little detail was taken care of, and most of us were in the end sent home with small bouquets the bride started making out of all decorations as they were being removed from the tables.

Enjoying the performance by the barbershop chorus.

Enjoying the performance by the barbershop chorus.

As said, I attended a wedding, I didn’t plan it. But the couple, they met (again, 10 years after they last saw each other when finishing school) at one of my parties. And it got me thinking I haven’t organised anything in a while.

I love buying cards... this one is from Brussels.

I love buying cards… this one is from Brussels.

Later in the evening I stumbled upon a discussion that turned out to be one of my relatives explaining to my neighbours about how he’s learnt how to find his way home through the woods and fields after my summer soirées.

By the time the wedding reception was over, I had promised to throw a summer party for all my neighbours (well, not all of them, only the ones about my age).

By the time the last GT was drunk at the after party, I think I had promised even more.

Let the planning begin….

The gift. Sometimes I get hits of creativeness...

The gift. Sometimes I get hits of creativeness…



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