If You Met My Family, You’d Understand*

A part of the tag line I use here at Management by Chia is “if you met my family, you’d understand”. Some of you have met my family (or parts of it), and especially after the ‘Yatta! Yatta! – Hooked on a feeling’-party anno dazumal, you understand.

For the rest of you, here’s a picture to explain things.


In case you’re wondering what’s going on, it’s simple. It’s a photo shoot, the giraffe being the most important. (The holiday we were celebrating I wrote about in the Friday Flats Blog earlier in the week, check it out!)

Now that we cleared that, let me tell you how wonderful it is to wake up in your own bed (not in the guest bed), in your own house (not in the apartment you rent), enjoying coffee made from your own tap water (not water you’ve had to fetch from the service station) and chocolate cake (made by your sister-in-law finally back from the other side of the world), and listening to happy birds chirping outside.

Those of you who’ve been following this blog for a longer period of time will know why I’m so happy, my new readers I urge to check out the posts in the category ‘life at gerby‘ – particularly the posts from summer and autumn 2013.

Happy Weekend, people, I’m spending it cleaning and scrubbing. Building dust is really difficult to get rid of, I’ve come to notice…

* just noticed I’ve used the same headline before. Sorry. It’s just that it’s such a useful sentence…


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