Circus Chia

The renovation is culminating in a spectacular show, and being the obvious circus director, I’m seriously wondering what clothes to change into. The topper and horse whip are already waiting…

So far today we’ve seen successful performances by two elks making small trees disappear, Plumber Pete installing some sort of safety mechanism in the cellar and Bob the Builder half way up the roof, getting rid of old telephone lines.

At the moment there are two shows going at the same time, and I’m trying to be the ringmaster in both.

In one end we have two blokes lying flat on the kitchen floor, trying to install a new dish washer. They don’t seem to care I didn’t have time to dry up the water that leaked from the old one when they carried it away – drying it up by lying in it.

In the other we have Ely the Electrician literally climbing the walls trying to fix the mess I told you about in my last post.

When he was rigging some sort of climbing station, using the kitchen ladder and I dunno what, I howled “don’t die” before going back to the kitchen. You should’ve seen the reaction; he started muttering all sorts of things, so I had to go back to clarify: “I don’t want to call the insurance company again. It was embarrassing enough to call them in the midst of the leakage repairs to tell them about the lightning strike”.

He’s still mumbling something about me being pert.

I’m only giving back for his comment on interrupting my prayers last week.

EDIT 15 LATER: He just found the old sheep shearing scissors, and is now wondering if I need a new haircut.

I need a coffee. Or a drink. Or both.

Most of all, I need to get me one of these signs.

Most of all, I need to get me one of these signs.



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