Swing it Both Ways

I’m not the concert-going-type. Sure, I’ve been to the odd summer festival some 15 years ago, and I’ve seen Bon Jovi twice (wouldn’t mind seeing them again). But other than that. Naah. I find other use for my money.

I have however been fairly angry with myself for the last decade or so. You see, last time Robbie Williams was in town, I didn’t care. I really didn’t. Until about three or four days later when I suddenly woke up in the morning thinking “you idiot!”. I think I had dreamt of him, and in my dream realised I did like the damned bloke and his damned songs. He had grown up from the boyish teen idol he used to be in Take That. It was no longer embarrassing to like him.

The weird part was that this time, I didn’t lose that feeling. It wasn’t a teen infatuation, I didn’t buy a lot of magazines to get posters of him, and I didn’t spend hours crying over what I read he was doing. I did buy all his records though, and I did feel a bit sad knowing the lifestyle he was leading. For a while there I was afraid I would actually never get the chance to see him live on stage.

The years went by, and even though I these days normally always connect Spotify to my car instead of use old CDs, I still have a bunch of Robbie records in my car. Just because a little Let me entertain you live at Knebworth is never wrong. It seemed the closest to a real concert with him I’d ever get.

But you know what this idiot did next? – I actually missed the fact Robbie was scheduled for a concert in Helsinki. The tickets were sold out faster than anyone could say Come Undone.

So when my sister was enjoying Robbie live the other night, I was babysitting. That’s when I realised a second concert was scheduled for the next day… (I’m clearly not keeping up with concert dates) – unfortunately it was as sold out as the first one.

However, with the help of Facebook, I managed to get hold of a ticket only five hours before the man was on stage. And it didn’t even cost me a fortune. How peculiar.

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. This man is the greatest entertainer any stage has seen since the golden 50s and 60s. I can’t say I even like every song on his repertoire, there are many I gladly skip. But he can sing the phone book and still sound great. And look great for that matter too. And we all know the thing I have for real English. *sigh*

’nuff about that. Here’s a pic instead.


My iPhone is getting old, but at least I managed to get one good shot with it.


My back is severely out of order now, but it was totally worth it. And I do have a physiotherapy session scheduled for today. Yay.


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