How to Build a Terrace in Two Days

Those of you who are used to seeing me in pretty dresses (be that long or short), shiny hair and classy jewellery would probably not recognise me right now. I am as dirty as I could possibly be, dressed in paint stained shabby shorts and bikini top, and certainly not smelling like I do when strangers come up to me saying “Mmm, Dolce & Gabbana…” (yes, those things actually happen outside commercials… there’s a reason I’m already on my fourth bottle of The One)*

But I am extremely proud of myself. From the huge Gerby trench last August (check this link to see how it looked back then) I have, with my own two hands, these last two days built myself a small breakfast terrace. And turned into some sort of gardener. Who would ever have thought…

This is what it looked like yesterday morning.


This is after lunch break yesterday (I was telecommuting, so was actually placed in front of my computer most of the day, believe it or not)


This is this morning


And this is the end result.


Hopefully I’ll be able to show pictures with growing things in all pots and bins in a month or so…

And if you’re wondering why I’m indoors by my computer when the pics are showing wonderful weather, well… It’s 27 degrees. In the shadow. I’ve been working in the sun the last three hours. I simply needed a break in a cooler place… Don’t worry, as soon as I’ve pressed publish, I will go back out there. Still have about three lawns to mow… so. Cheers!

*This post is not in collaboration with D&G, it’s simply me stating The One is one of my favourite perfumes, Kenzo’s Amour being a close second.


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