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I have been writing as long as I can remember. At the age of eleven I had a handful of pen pals from around the world, the most exciting one being Melissa from Australia. We wrote to each other for years, but sadly we lost touch in our mid-teens. (Maybe I can track her down one day; it would be fun to know what became of her.)

At some point, some odd years ago, a few people pointed out to me that if I were to write a blog, they’d read it. I didn’t really know what to write about, but seeing as I do love writing, I decided to give it a go. I think I had a handful of weekly readers.

Then my father got ill, and as writing has always been easier for me than talking, I started using the blog therapeutically. Suddenly I had a lot more readers. Getting tangled up in feelings and emotions, I don’t know if I wrote for myself or for an audience. I would like to think the former, but I cannot be sure of that.

It ended with me feeling quite sick and tired of it all. I felt like I had said too much, given too much of myself. People I hardly knew started talking to me like they knew me well. But the person they were addressing didn’t feel like me. I couldn’t recognise myself in the attributes they were giving me. I had been through a lot during a few intense years, and I needed to heal. For the first time in my life, I gave up writing.

A year later, I suddenly woke up with that old itch of wanting to write. So I pretty much picked up where I had left off. And from there it just seemed to escalate.

This blog is still mostly about me and my sometimes messed up life, but I have noticed it’s starting to have a life of its own. Where it will end, time will tell.

And oh, yes.. in case you are wondering about the name of the blog… well. It’s derived from the expression management by perkele, originally a Swedish expression for a Finnish leadership approach that takes required actions in a quick and swift way, instead of a prolonged pondering of all possible alternative approaches and points of view before actually getting anything done. People who have worked with me will know this is how I operate. Additionally, they will know that whilst there are male logic and female logic, there’s also a third version: chia logic…



  1. Marie · · Reply

    Dear Chia,

    won’t tell you about how I find your blog for I already did it and you’d be bored. And if I take some time writing a reply after having spent half an hour reading your blog and in the mean time thinking “ok, now this is the last post I read, then I’ll go to bed”, I guess it means something. Well anyway, I just had that comparison popping into my head and thought “let’s share it with the blog’s owner”. I love writing too, but I guess not as much as you do, I write a diary for our girls about what they did and said. And I love reading. So actually I think your blog is better than a good book to me: I can’t read good books for the best place to do so is my bed and the room is occupied by our third daughter who is asleep in her babybay and as I like to keep it that way, I’d better not switch any lights on (already tried the torch under the blanket, had quite a torticollis the next day). Furthermore, as soon as Caroline-Aimée will share the room with the two other girls, I’ll still have Georg in the same room, and he literally hates it when I leave my dear Tibetan salt bedside lamp switched on. So let me tell you that I totally enjoy my time spent in the cellar in our office in our new home in front of your blog page on my computer for nobody cares there about lights…
    if it wasn’t for the chicken nuggets that Georg just took out of the oven. And now he is waiting for me to come upstairs and eat them with him *sigh* I guess this’ll mark the end.

    Good night, Chia, and instead of seein you soon, I’ll have to stick to “readin you soon”.


    1. Dear Marie,

      You have no idea how happy you made me this morning, finding this comment in my inbox when I woke up. Thank you!

      Writing a diary for your girls (three already, it must be absolutely wonderful for them growing up, having each other) is a superb idea! There are so many things children say and do that you think you need to remember, only to forget about it the very next day when they come up with something else.. Just think how amazing it will be for them to read to their children further down the line…

      I’ll get back to you on FB later, give my love to G and the girls (what was it I called myself.. the funny lady from the north?)


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