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Terveystalo – Where the Wellbeing of Patients Comes Last

What a disagreeable doctor I just encountered. Utterly unpleasant and very unprofessional. I have already given a formal complaint to Terveystalo, and sent an email to the chief of staff here at work. But as this was in a league of its own, I will share with you too. As many of you know, I […]

None the Wiser.

You know what happens if you forget to remove the second wisdom tooth? The one your dentist says you should come back to get removed as soon as the other side has healed… About seven months later it starts aching. No wonder I’ve been unable to decide if I’ve got a flu or not. The […]

So much chocolate. So little time!

Received a parcel at work today. The content made me very happy, apparently I have a secret admirer* who knows me very well… I know what I’ll be eating for dinner tomorrow. Today I’m dining out before going to a play, but tomorrow… Tomorrow I will dig into this gigantic piece of chocolate. Yay! * […]

Dreaming of a Good Night’s Sleep…

Last summer I suffered from headaches almost every day. I didn’t even at first notice it was daily, until I heard myself complaining to my sister-in-law. The fourth time in a week. A few days later, I told my brother I think I need to get rid of a wisdom tooth or two, as I […]

Let’s Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height

My back took a turn for the worse yesterday. After having sat down for an hour in the morning, I was suddenly all crooked and couldn’t really move. Endured the day standing up (thank you M for arranging an adjustable table to your room back in 2008…) and spent the night lying on the floor. […]

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’….

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been doing the lower back and hip training programme I swore to do last month. Yes, I’ve done a few of the exercises, especially the silly walk with a rubber band around my feet, but that’s far from the whole programme. So, why am I being such […]

Trial and Error: Ditching Shampoo

Seeing as I’ve received a fair share of comments on my hair the past two days, I thought it as good a time as any to recap what’s happened since I went to the hairdresser’s last (in October). Going completely no-poo seemed a bit too extreme, so I settled for some sort of low-poo. The […]