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Birthday vs. Monday

It was a battle of giants. Monday won the first round when the alarm sounded. I don’t think one should have to work when enjoying one’s birthday. But then my mother called and sang for me so that made it 1-1. When arriving at work, I found a bottle of bubbly from my boss – […]

today’s kim IV

“So her toes now look like six fat midgets each hiding under a blanket” Thank you, Kim. I knew I could count on you. To set the story straight here: I have ONE broken toe*. To support that poor bastard, I have taped it to the next one. Furthermore, I have sensitive skin. Excessive walking […]

once the assistant, always the assistant?

do you remember the assistant?* well, technically he hasn’t been my assistant for two years, but seeing as we still work in the same building, we still keep in close contact. anyway. got a facebook message from him today. or rather, several… with his permission, i’m going to quote… HOLY FUCKBALLS I forgot to tell […]

about a boy

once upon a time in a country far far away there was a boy. even though he did not come from the country in question originally, he thought himself to be quite average, living quite a normal student life, facing quite ordinary every day questions. at the same time in a different part of town […]


late autumn. time to get yourself a diary for 2012. the university staff is sending in orders to the poor bastard who took over my previous job. i call him a poor bastard because i know the chaos this calendar thing will bring, mostly because the supplier for some reason always seems to mess up […]

fångad av en stormvind*

haven’t written anything about the assistant in a while. how’s he doing, is he still around, is he still alive? you might be wondering. well. yes. i think. barely.. a few weeks ago i heard stories about him drooling in fetus position under his desk. might have been another urban legend though. earlier today i […]

today’s kim III

my my, what a few days away from the basement can do…  had some errands to run down there today. you know, i still have to return from time to time, whenever i need to buy something for my new job. anyway, the assistant (officially i am still his boss, for four more weeks) had […]

cassandra and the assistant

can’t wait to start my new job for real. but i sure as hell will miss some things about the weird place called IB. taking another day off today (hey, i’ve got 38 days of holiday to burn before end of june..), not really getting anything done though, a bit tired after the last couple […]

early bird

i haven’t got myself out of bed to go to work this early in… well.. in a very long time. don’t know if it’s the prospect of soon getting out of the basement or what, but it was certainly interesting coming to the university when the front doors were still closed. people have been curious […]

baby steps

i continued in some* direction yesterday. we had a very intense and interesting meeting with the company board, and i told them to be prepared that i will give notice as soon as i find something new to do. so now it’s official. you can start sending your job offers… what kind of job i’m […]

today’s kim II

the assistant asked me when my birthday is, he’s forgotten. in a month, i mumbled and continued with a groan that i’m getting old. “nooo, vintage chia, vintage!”

a no is a no!

what part of “no” is hard to understand for some people? in this case for radio reporters.. if you tell them no, you don’t want to get interviewed, why do they continue to come after you, with the tape rolling and an all-knowing smile? “i just want to talk to you about romance at work, […]