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autumn at gerby

been neglecting my blog for a few days, my apologies. i’ll make up for it by showing these lovely pictures taken by a friend earlier today as we headed out to gerby in the middle of the workday (which explains me sitting by my computer, doing some work now at almost 9 pm on a […]

october to-do

autumn equinox

Just lit a candle for my dad, he would’ve turned 77 today. Feels like half a lifetime ago since we last spoke, yet it’s only been a little over three years. Feels like it was yesterday I was irritated with him checking up on me all the time, yet it’s almost four years since I […]

harvest day

your memory is such a fascinating place. who, or what, decides what stays and what not? and how come you never know which sound or which smell will trigger which memory? spent the afternoon washing, and then painting, some pieces of furniture. i figured that since the new pipes are in place (yay!), the light […]

Summer’s lease hath all too short a date

spent most of my day yesterday reading in the sun. it was nice and cosy, even though the sun wasn’t as high in the sky as it used to be, nor as sizzling. the huge butterfly that always keeps me company was still there, but the annoying horse-flies were not. the wind was still warm, […]

confessions of a summer girl

i’ve been thinking… the thing is that i haven’t yet this autumn felt that total despair over the fact winter is coming. i’ve tried to. really. i have said all the usual stuff. i have tried to complain. but truth be told, i haven’t felt it. it’s weird, i know! maybe it’s because i don’t […]


and so it begins. that time of year when it’s dark when you go to work and it’s equally dark when you leave. in other words, the sun just went up here in helsinki (8.26 am) and it will set at 5.40 pm making the day a little more than nine hours long. don’t get […]

angry bird

i’m so utterly frustrated with stupid people today. and for some reason they all seem to be out and about right now… it all started this morning when i heard on the radio that a daycare center in vaasa only serves fat-free milk to the children even though parents have been asking them to give […]

raindrops keep falling…

that little rant i had yesterday about the weather… well. today it’s colder. on a bright note however, i’ve actually learned to like leggings. yes. i know. i once stated i’d never ever… last year i started carefully with one pair that i wore about a handful of times with that “midsummer dance”-flowery dress that’s […]

me and my bright ideas

In the beginning of the month I decided I wanted to keep summer for as long as possible. I thought I’d welcome autumn better if I first got tired  of summer and so I declared at work I wouldn’t wear jeans or other long legged trousers until September. During these last weeks I’ve gotten many […]


look! i’ve changed the appearance of the blog a bit.. the fog has lifted and been replaced by one of my all-time favourite pics – one that i took in basel back in june 2009. i had hoped to get similar sun flowers at gerby this year, but for some reason they just.. well.. a […]

entering mordor

i get something of a doomsday feeling when looking out my window right now. the tree that still had a lot of yellow leaves this morning is suddenly black and almost bare and the clouds creeping up behind the next building.. well, let’s just say they aren’t really the white and fluffy kind. feeling very […]