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Terveystalo – Where the Wellbeing of Patients Comes Last

What a disagreeable doctor I just encountered. Utterly unpleasant and very unprofessional. I have already given a formal complaint to Terveystalo, and sent an email to the chief of staff here at work. But as this was in a league of its own, I will share with you too. As many of you know, I […]

Dreaming of a Good Night’s Sleep…

Last summer I suffered from headaches almost every day. I didn’t even at first notice it was daily, until I heard myself complaining to my sister-in-law. The fourth time in a week. A few days later, I told my brother I think I need to get rid of a wisdom tooth or two, as I […]

Let’s Go Fly a Kite, Up to the Highest Height

My back took a turn for the worse yesterday. After having sat down for an hour in the morning, I was suddenly all crooked and couldn’t really move. Endured the day standing up (thank you M for arranging an adjustable table to your room back in 2008…) and spent the night lying on the floor. […]

Keep Rollin’ Rollin’ Rollin’….

I have a confession to make. I haven’t been doing the lower back and hip training programme I swore to do last month. Yes, I’ve done a few of the exercises, especially the silly walk with a rubber band around my feet, but that’s far from the whole programme. So, why am I being such […]

Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

When you have nothing to write about, post a selfie. – Old blogging saying. Selfie is apparently the new in-word. I mean, even Obama does it. At funerals. I’m sticking to my own mirror at least. Hello from Ms Hibernating. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. Have been extremely silent lately, my apologies. But you […]

Why being lazy is bad for your body

“Who is strong? He that can conquer his bad habits.” – Benjamin Franklin I’m making a late resolution for 2014. I’m going to spend 15 min each day on the damned training programme the torturer gave me last October. This huge revelation came to me earlier today during this short conversation I had with the […]

relax, this won’t hurt..

i’ve made some referrals to the torturer in london these last months, and i just realised i’ve never even told you about him. as an explanation for my new readers, i suffer from a bad back, lumbago used to be an annual nuisance for me, and in the end, one doctor gave me the diagnosis […]

one step closer

i’m sorry. i’m being rude, impatient and irritated these days. it’s simply because my back is experiencing a new form of autch… dunno what’s happened to the damned thing, it has been so great since i decided it was time to leave all old troubles behind in august. anyway, i am trying not to let […]

satya – be truthful*

i attended a yoga workshop on saturday. i still feel the consequences in form of pain in muscles i didn’t even know i had. but i also feel it in form of an altered state of mind. i have faced a lifelong fear and conquered it: i stood on my hands. and i did this […]

degenerative disc disease

ibuprofen 600 mg and my wonderful spike mat got me sleeping alright and in a better mood today. i do think it was the pain yesterday that got the rage started, and combined with the news that air traffic in northern europe might be out on and off for months to come it just became […]


bad mood doesn’t even begin to describe this.  i’m pissed off at the weather (snow is promised for the weekend – oh isn’t that lovely!!), the weekly strikes in this joke they call finland and the icelandic ash that might bugger europe for months to come… what if it will be impossible to leave this […]