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Birthday vs. Monday

It was a battle of giants. Monday won the first round when the alarm sounded. I don’t think one should have to work when enjoying one’s birthday. But then my mother called and sang for me so that made it 1-1. When arriving at work, I found a bottle of bubbly from my boss – […]

“We do not stop playing because we grow old, we grow old because we stop playing!”*

You get a card. Enclosed is the information-leaflet-thingy from a non-stick cooking pan. The card says “Do read the enclosed and play ‘spot the most ridiculous sentence’…” First you laugh at the whole set-up. Then you choke on your laughter, what if you cannot spot the sentence your friend is referring to? Will that make […]

So much chocolate. So little time!

Received a parcel at work today. The content made me very happy, apparently I have a secret admirer* who knows me very well… I know what I’ll be eating for dinner tomorrow. Today I’m dining out before going to a play, but tomorrow… Tomorrow I will dig into this gigantic piece of chocolate. Yay! * […]


This is what I did today with my niece/goddaughter who will turn five tomorrow. She started the day by whispering to me, at around 7.45 am, that I can continue sleeping if I like, for a while, but when I do feel like I want to wake up, she’ll be waiting in her room, so […]

autumn equinox

Just lit a candle for my dad, he would’ve turned 77 today. Feels like half a lifetime ago since we last spoke, yet it’s only been a little over three years. Feels like it was yesterday I was irritated with him checking up on me all the time, yet it’s almost four years since I […]

may the best of your past be the worst of your future*

30. thirty. taste it for a while. very grown up, n’est pas? well, after surviving, coming out on the other side so to say, i can honestly say i think i will like it here. damn i had a good day yesterday, and as it is said – things can only get better… as most […]