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how not to kill a boss

  i don’t know if it’s supposed to be some kind of revenge for this or what, but every single time i have been away from work for a whole day i find my cup filled with… something that probably used to be coffee. kim obviously uses my cup as a bin when filling his […]

just another normal day at ib

dear diary, today we laminated weed at work. seriously. this job is too weird sometimes.  just when you think you have heard and seen it all, something very odd happens. like the guy coming in this morning with a.. eh.. well.. let’s say green leaf in his hand wanting to laminate it. i guess it […]

the mother and the assistant

i have not heard my mum laugh so hard in months as she did when i told her about the coffee incident the other day. “poor, poor, poor, POOR kim!” she said before giving me a lecture on how i now have to learn to pour out the coffee before leaving. “well, he was using […]

how to kill an assistant

i have a bad habit of always leaving coffee. not much, but some. this has driven my mum crazy for years, she hates the smell and sight of coffee and tries to remind me every time i visit to please drink up… it doesn’t really help, once i leave she’s stuck once again with not […]


meet rölli, the most annoying character in finnish tv during the 80’s. today i woke up looking like him. or well, i lack the moustache, but otherwise. my hair hasn’t seen a piece of scissors for at least four months (i remember when i used to go to the hairdressers every six week or so..), […]

the need for speed

woke up with a headache. nuff said.

kim, where’s the fairy bottle?

fairy as in dish washing liquid, not as in something else in case you were wondering… at IB (my work – gonna tell you some more about it at a later point) we have sometimes this slight problem with things disappearing. so far it’s only things that have gone missing, not people – even though […]