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If You Met My Family, You’d Understand*

A part of the tag line I use here at Management by Chia is “if you met my family, you’d understand”. Some of you have met my family (or parts of it), and especially after the ‘Yatta! Yatta! – Hooked on a feeling’-party anno dazumal, you understand. For the rest of you, here’s a picture […]

To Wear Trousers or Not to Wear Trousers

Once you start this whole taking-selfies-business, you seem to get hooked… But hey, I have neither cute kids nor grumpy cats to practice my photographer skills on, so cut me some slack here. And I did make it blurry so you’d only get the picture [pun intended] of what I’m talking about. The reasons for […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year, part II

Oh my, I had no idea you would find my year so interesting. Views on my blog peaked yesterday, and I’ve been receiving FB-messages all night from people waiting to read the rest of it. I’m all what?… I just like writing, that’s all.. But I’m glad to see you like reading what I write, […]

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas

As Christmas is closing in, and I’m playing some sort of mrs Santa at work on top of everything else that needs to be done before year’s end, I haven’t had time to update my blog (or any other blog for that matter either) – terrible sorry about that. We’re looking at an everything-but-white Christmas […]

london tower tube

keep calm and go to london

Off to London in a few hours. I travel quite a lot, considering I don’t have to for my 9-5 job. Last winter I concluded that the place I spend the most time in after my home and my workplace, is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Often I feel like George Clooney in that film where he’s collecting […]


This is what I did today with my niece/goddaughter who will turn five tomorrow. She started the day by whispering to me, at around 7.45 am, that I can continue sleeping if I like, for a while, but when I do feel like I want to wake up, she’ll be waiting in her room, so […]

respect my authoritah!

That cousin I was referring to in my last post.. It turned out he’s actually my second cousin twice removed. Guess how old I felt on Saturday at the annual gathering of relatives from near and far… In the great hall of the main house of the estate, a large pedigree chart was the centre […]

the house god forgot III

Judging by the look on my cousin’s* face yesterday, I don’t think people have really understood how I live right now… So I’m going to take you on the grand tour of my beloved house. First, the hall. It features a great big hole in the middle, keeping you alert at all times when moving […]

phoenix chia

after a few, for different reasons, exhausting weeks i’m more or less ready to declare mental bankruptcy. take my snow shovel and dig my way to gerby, light a fire and then go to sleep. for a week. at least it’s been tough, and it still is. bad news coming in from all over, and […]

just a quick note.

the road to happiness

i decided to take a little breather this weekend. sleep in and start the day with breakfast in bed followed by a walk in the crispy autumn air. eat some chocolate by the open fire. drink a glass of red with a friend i haven’t seen in ages. spend some quality time with my mum […]

365 dagar

Ett år har gått. Sorgeåret. Nu är det lixom meningen att man ska vara okej igen. Jo just..  Jag tycker jag under årets lopp gått igenom hela paletten av känslor och endast en bråkdel har egentligen handlat om pappa. Det är som om hans bortgång gav upphov till en dominoeffekt utan like, jag har fått […]