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Will You Come Hunting for Dracula with Me?

First. As I travel a lot, people keep asking me what my plans for summer are. Well. Let’s put it like this… WHY on earth would I travel anywhere the only time of year when it’s actually decent weather in Finland? I’ve already once emptied my accounts when paying for the renovations of my house, […]


Hidden somewhere at Gerby, beneath endless layers of building dust and broken teenage dreams, you will find a few pictures and a very special newspaper article from the summer of 1996. Here in Finland, when you are in ninth grade (last grade of our compulsory school), you are supposed to find yourself work during two […]

Enter hibernation mode

When you can’t even think about going outside without looking like this, then it’s time to hibernate. Too bad my work doesn’t really support full-time hibernation; I have to make an appearance at least a few times a week. Fortunately, I live only a five minute walk away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t decrease the amount of […]

Svenska Dagen – The Finnish Swedish Heritage Day

Hur härligt sången klingar på älskat modersmål! Han tröst i sorgen bringar, han skärper sinnets stål! Vi hört den sången ljuda i ljuvlig barndomstid, och en gång skall han bjuda åt oss i graven frid! Du sköna sång vårt bästa arv, från tidevarv till tidevarv, ljud högt, ljud fritt från strand till strand i tusen […]

on queuing

if there’s something finns are good at, it’s queuing. i have this little game i always play with myself at airports abroad… i call it finding the gate and the rule is pretty simple; find the flight to helsinki without checking the gate number. it never fails. you just stroll around* and look for the […]

why are you so happy?

i had a perfect summer day yesterday. i summoned together a couple of my nieces and my sister-in-law to be to help me clean carpets. i taught them how to do it the old-fashioned way,  scrubbing with a brush and pine soap. after that we went to the beach. it was 27 degrees in the […]


bad mood doesn’t even begin to describe this.  i’m pissed off at the weather (snow is promised for the weekend – oh isn’t that lovely!!), the weekly strikes in this joke they call finland and the icelandic ash that might bugger europe for months to come… what if it will be impossible to leave this […]