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Will You Come Hunting for Dracula with Me?

First. As I travel a lot, people keep asking me what my plans for summer are. Well. Let’s put it like this… WHY on earth would I travel anywhere the only time of year when it’s actually decent weather in Finland? I’ve already once emptied my accounts when paying for the renovations of my house, […]

How to Build a Terrace in Two Days

Those of you who are used to seeing me in pretty dresses (be that long or short), shiny hair and classy jewellery would probably not recognise me right now. I am as dirty as I could possibly be, dressed in paint stained shabby shorts and bikini top, and certainly not smelling like I do when […]

Circus Chia

The renovation is culminating in a spectacular show, and being the obvious circus director, I’m seriously wondering what clothes to change into. The topper and horse whip are already waiting… So far today we’ve seen successful performances by two elks making small trees disappear, Plumber Pete installing some sort of safety mechanism in the cellar […]

The House God Forgot goes Lunatic Asylum?*

When I was growing up one of my favourite songs was “They’re coming to take me away”, I used to ask my dad to sing it for me – or at least to play it in the old cassette recorder he had in his home office. Last Friday I couldn’t but think it’s become a […]

Confessions of a Bad Blogger

I’m awfully sorry. I’ve been a bad blogger lately. It’s just that I’ve felt like I’ve been stuck on the same page. I could’ve written about my travels. Did that already, on the other blog. You can read here about my wonderful night in Paris a few weeks back. I could’ve written about me cleaning […]

No Winter Lasts Forever

It might not be the +21 degrees I had last week in Brussels. It might not be the spring I’ll have in Paris next. But it’s the best promise of life that I know of. This little blue flower right here… Waiting for Bob the Builder one last time. Exactly eleven [!] months after I […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year, part II

Oh my, I had no idea you would find my year so interesting. Views on my blog peaked yesterday, and I’ve been receiving FB-messages all night from people waiting to read the rest of it. I’m all what?… I just like writing, that’s all.. But I’m glad to see you like reading what I write, […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year…

Eat, sleep, and be merry. That was my plan for the Christmas week gone by. And that was pretty much how it went down. I slept more than ten hours per night the first two nights – surviving on less than six hours per night every single night during the four weeks leading up to […]

Mighty Mouse

A super mouse is running around at Gerby, dressed in a mouse trap. Now wouldn’t that be a sight for sore eyes… Let’s rewind a bit. Got a phone call earlier from Bob the Builder. He begun by casually asking if I’m in the country, seeing as how I was in Germany when he called […]

autumn at gerby

been neglecting my blog for a few days, my apologies. i’ll make up for it by showing these lovely pictures taken by a friend earlier today as we headed out to gerby in the middle of the workday (which explains me sitting by my computer, doing some work now at almost 9 pm on a […]

blah blah blah

Today I’m really not in the mood for anything. Telecommuting, which means I’ve only just gotten out of bed, where I’ve been answering emails and putting together an excel file all morning. Wondering if I should get up at all, and finally deciding I should at least move to the kitchen table. Now all loaded […]

harvest day

your memory is such a fascinating place. who, or what, decides what stays and what not? and how come you never know which sound or which smell will trigger which memory? spent the afternoon washing, and then painting, some pieces of furniture. i figured that since the new pipes are in place (yay!), the light […]