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Swing it Both Ways

I’m not the concert-going-type. Sure, I’ve been to the odd summer festival some 15 years ago, and I’ve seen Bon Jovi twice (wouldn’t mind seeing them again). But other than that. Naah. I find other use for my money. I have however been fairly angry with myself for the last decade or so. You see, […]


I’ve had a severe case of wanderlust these last few days. I’ve been dreaming about people I know abroad and miss, about places I’ve never been to and about places I long to visit again. I’ve woken up sad, laughing, angry, happy… and tired. Most of all, I’ve woken up tired this whole damned week. […]

The sun is out in Helsinki

True story.


24 Days ’til the End (of Hibernation)

…and the feeling when you get out of bed and realise you’ve slept with your window open the whole night. In Finland. In February. Oh well, there’s a first for everything I guess. And yes. I do remember. Some of you [weirdos] sleep with them open all year round. Right here in Finland. But I […]

Enter hibernation mode

When you can’t even think about going outside without looking like this, then it’s time to hibernate. Too bad my work doesn’t really support full-time hibernation; I have to make an appearance at least a few times a week. Fortunately, I live only a five minute walk away. Unfortunately, that doesn’t decrease the amount of […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year, part II

Oh my, I had no idea you would find my year so interesting. Views on my blog peaked yesterday, and I’ve been receiving FB-messages all night from people waiting to read the rest of it. I’m all what?… I just like writing, that’s all.. But I’m glad to see you like reading what I write, […]

when a break turns into a break-up

I harboured this slight hope that I would return from my holiday with some plans for the future, with a sense of direction. Waking up last Tuesday, I must confess, I felt a slight pang of end-of-holiday-blues, and more than a slight disappointment that I had no new job, no new fascinating city, no nothing […]

monday morning

i am so utterly depressed right now. you figure out why.

helsinki today – the summer edition

the sun went up at 3.50 am. and it will set at around 10.50 pm.  summer solstice. don’t know if i like the word or hate it. i think the latter. it’s as beautiful as it gets in this country and the coming weekend will be filled with fun festivities around the clock. after that, […]

sommaren i city

summer has arrived for real. wonderful. i can’t help but stay happy even though the insomnia continues and i have more work to do during one day than i had at ib during a whole week. unfortunately this means i don’t really have time to blog nor answer e-mails. perhaps when i’m post… worked..ish?

helsinki today

the sun rose at 8.44 a.m. and it will set at 3.29 p.m (making the day 6h 45min long.) it’s -12° celsius, the wind makes it feel like about -20°. the official snow depth is 17 cm, in some places up to 25 cm, and one nutter rode past me on a bike this morning. […]

…nära havet vill jag bo… *

oh what joy to be back in town after three weeks at gerby! i haven’t spent that much time there in a row since i moved away eleven years [sic!] ago… it’s been nice to be there alone as well as to have friends over for the weekends, but it sure is good to be […]