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Dreaming of a Good Night’s Sleep…

Last summer I suffered from headaches almost every day. I didn’t even at first notice it was daily, until I heard myself complaining to my sister-in-law. The fourth time in a week. A few days later, I told my brother I think I need to get rid of a wisdom tooth or two, as I […]

phoenix chia

after a few, for different reasons, exhausting weeks i’m more or less ready to declare mental bankruptcy. take my snow shovel and dig my way to gerby, light a fire and then go to sleep. for a week. at least it’s been tough, and it still is. bad news coming in from all over, and […]


back in town after a few days in the countryside. not going to groan and moan about the fact i don’t have a shower nor hot water (i came to the disturbing conclusion my grandfather had spent way too much time in london to think the plumbing at gerby was okay), only complain a little […]

saturday blues

of course the shitty day of yesterday culminated in a severe case of insomnia. no matter how i tried i could not fall asleep. and after finally falling asleep at some point after 4.45 a.m. i of course woke up at 7.15… great. i have a feeling this will be a long day. but anyway. […]

‘cuz i got high

okay. yesterday when i said i’m out of options what to do about my back pain, i wasn’t actually telling the whole truth. i did have one more idea up my sleeve. when attending a congress in versailles some years ago i suffered from a herniated disc. it was as painful as it gets, me […]

groundhog day

why does january always feel like one never ending tiresome monday? it’s dark, it’s cold – or when the temperature is bearable like today it’s of course snowing again – and you have something that could be described as a (moral) hangover after eating too much during the holidays. you go to bed convinced the […]

thank you mr sandman

since it’s written in the antell dna not to sleep well i have another night of insomnia behind me. the problem now was that i, after not sleeping more than 5h/night last week, had slept too much the night before. of course i eventually did fall asleep. not that it made my life happier, the […]

bureaucracy and insomnia

today i have to leave work early to drive to gerby (75km east of helsinki) and find one piece of paper in dad’s drawers and bring it to the south finland district survey office (damn what a fancy name!) in porvoo (30km back the same road). it’s a good thing i know the paper already […]


having an insomnia period again. too tired to write anything, but found this strip that describes my morning.