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No Winter Lasts Forever

It might not be the +21 degrees I had last week in Brussels. It might not be the spring I’ll have in Paris next. But it’s the best promise of life that I know of. This little blue flower right here… Waiting for Bob the Builder one last time. Exactly eleven [!] months after I […]

On New Beginnings

Continuing on the updates post from Monday, I’ve been thinking about making a Facebook page for Management by Chia. The idea hasn’t moved out of the parking spot yet, mostly because I don’t really know why I would have a Facebook page… Perhaps for posting all those quotes I adore… But then I get cold […]

I gotta get out, gotta get out

February continues to be grey and foggy, but as we all know I’m not at all fond of snow and cold, so I’m not complaining. Every day is one day closer to March, to spring, to summer. Enjoying life here in my little hibernation bubble, even though I am starting to feel a tad restless. […]

On Getting Labelled

Okay, here’s the deal. I really dislike February. And right from the start this year, February delivered. Snow, snow, snow… I wish I was the sporty type. I’d probably have a blast this month – skiing, skating, whatever. But I’m not. After so many years trying, and getting angry when failing, I’ve come to terms […]


Couldn’t resist this little fellow… Happy Monday, people!

There are many kinds of magic

I follow a very inspirational Swedish blog called Lemonadfabriken, and today I’m simply going to steal a whole post from it. Well, seeing as the whole post this time is nothing more than a quote by Roald Dahl, I’m actually just quoting him, I guess.. but nevertheless. I felt it was a beautiful post, picture […]

Thank you.

Happy thanksgiving to my readers on the other side of the big pond, for being part of my journey. And same goes to the rest of you for that matter too. Let the concept of thanksgiving serve as a reminder that no matter how dark the night is, there is always something, or someone, to […]


Dear diary, Today I got promoted to Holy Spirit at work. Having been called everything from satanist to true Finn some years back, it was a nice turn of events. I don’t think I will be updating my CV or LinkedIn profile though, but I do hope this will put an end to all earlier […]

Happiness is… (or Walking down Memory Lane part deux)

Had my second walk down memory lane yesterday and found some unexpected truths along the way. For instance, there is a huge difference between “some things never change, yet nothing’s the same” and “everything changes, yet everyone’s the same”. Did I enjoy myself? Sure I did. It was.. nice. Did I think it was a […]

Your life is your message to the world. Make sure it’s inspiring.

I have something fairly exciting to tell you. A while ago I started talking about how it’s time for me to make some changes in my life. I think it was an explosion just waiting to happen really. And to match the outside with the feeling on the inside, the first for others visible change […]

Food for thought


I did it. I changed the title line on my LinkedIn profile. Now I need to update the summary, which is still focusing on my current job, but changing the title line was enough excitement for one day. (And no, this does not mean I’ve given notice, only that I’ve taken some more steps in […]