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Always be yourself. Unless you can be a unicorn. Then always be a unicorn.

When you have nothing to write about, post a selfie. – Old blogging saying. Selfie is apparently the new in-word. I mean, even Obama does it. At funerals. I’m sticking to my own mirror at least. Hello from Ms Hibernating. I’m doing fine, thanks for asking. Have been extremely silent lately, my apologies. But you […]

Why being lazy is bad for your body

“Who is strong? He that can conquer his bad habits.” – Benjamin Franklin I’m making a late resolution for 2014. I’m going to spend 15 min each day on the damned training programme the torturer gave me last October. This huge revelation came to me earlier today during this short conversation I had with the […]

How did it get so late so soon?

I had great plans for going early to bed tonight. Trying to behave like a grown-up instead of an eleven year old that needs to go back to school soon. All that “I need to go to work on Tuesday, and so if I sleep all Monday, I won’t sleep the night before Tuesday”… That […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year, part II

Oh my, I had no idea you would find my year so interesting. Views on my blog peaked yesterday, and I’ve been receiving FB-messages all night from people waiting to read the rest of it. I’m all what?… I just like writing, that’s all.. But I’m glad to see you like reading what I write, […]

2013 – all but the same procedure as every year…

Eat, sleep, and be merry. That was my plan for the Christmas week gone by. And that was pretty much how it went down. I slept more than ten hours per night the first two nights – surviving on less than six hours per night every single night during the four weeks leading up to […]

a hippie in the making?

A week ago I threw away my antiperspirant in exchange for an organic deodorant I bought in Covent Garden. I had reached a point where I simply could not find enough reasons to use the icky roll-on one more time. I have changed brands and types (sticks, roll-ons, sprays) so many times I’ve lost count, […]

Mind the gap

Five days. Two girls. Holding pattern. Oyster Card top-up. Bayswater. Tiny hotel room. Fish n’ chips. Regent Street. Inspiring course by The Coaching Academy. Paddington. Supper in Reading. Second day of the course. In-depth discussions. Inspiring ideas. Pouring rain. Primrose Hill. More rain. St. Jude Day storm. Notting Hill. Rain. Portobello Road. English Breakfast. Sunshine. […]

london tower tube

keep calm and go to london

Off to London in a few hours. I travel quite a lot, considering I don’t have to for my 9-5 job. Last winter I concluded that the place I spend the most time in after my home and my workplace, is Helsinki-Vantaa Airport. Often I feel like George Clooney in that film where he’s collecting […]

life isn’t about finding yourself, it’s about creating yourself

i just feel like i need a change on the outside to match the changes on the inside. or something.. That was me a few days ago, profoundly explaining why I’ve contacted one of Britain’s top stylists to get a haircut later this month. I am utterly excited over what they’ll do to my, by […]

london calling

“There’s no fun in doing nothing when you have nothing to do. Wasting time is merely an occupation then, and a most exhausting one.” – Jerome K. Jerome i know i usually don’t write two posts in one day, but after my short, and somewhat irritated note this morning, i felt i needed to let […]

relax, this won’t hurt..

i’ve made some referrals to the torturer in london these last months, and i just realised i’ve never even told you about him. as an explanation for my new readers, i suffer from a bad back, lumbago used to be an annual nuisance for me, and in the end, one doctor gave me the diagnosis […]


bad mood doesn’t even begin to describe this.  i’m pissed off at the weather (snow is promised for the weekend – oh isn’t that lovely!!), the weekly strikes in this joke they call finland and the icelandic ash that might bugger europe for months to come… what if it will be impossible to leave this […]