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Encore: A Love Named Gaina

Day two of my four days stay-at-home and do stuff you need to do – regime. Going quite well, if I may say so myself. I sleep half the day, and sit by my computer half the night instead. Seeing as we have about five hours of greyness (known as daytime, or so I’ve been […]

Life. Life happened.

Late Saturday night. All alone. First free Saturday evening in seven or eight weeks I think. First night in over two weeks home alone after my niece left earlier today. Trying to reconnect with myself. Not sure it’s going all too well. Too many thoughts twirling around under the copper helmet. A year soon coming […]

i see you

You know how it is, how the mood you wake up in sets the tone for the day to come. Since there’s been one helluva storm stuck over Finland these last 24 hours one might think it would’ve affected me, but weirdly enough, it hasn’t. I woke up this morning with one thought and one […]

love and marriage

ggghhh… since monday morning, with the exception of wednesday evening, i’ve been home (i.e. sleeping) for approximately 30 hours in total. the feeling of what-just-hit-me is quite evident. i don’t even remember what happened in the beginning of the week, but this is how it ended.

learning to ride the bike

to all you out there who are starting to believe i’m making a new career as a part-time schizophrenic, stop worrying. i’m not. i’m just not used to showing my feelings openly, to being so honest and to allowing myself to believe that my feelings are as important as anyone else’s. about a year ago […]

i wish you enough

today i woke up with a smile. i could feel this would be a great day, and even though i did snooze for a while, i followed the advice i got yesterday – i used the time to some seriously positive thinking, visualising exactly how i want to solve everything. once i got myself out […]

the booklet

yesterday at gerby, when looking for the papers i needed, i found something else. it’s quite weird actually, i’m sure i went through all dad’s drawers and cabinets last summer, but for some reason i hadn’t seen this thing before. those of you who know me also know that i’m a sucker for all sorts […]